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Real Estate Foreclosure

B. Diane Heindel understands real estate foreclosure law both from the perspective of the buyer and the lender. The large amount of experience she has in representing clients in this area has provided her with a great understanding of all the legal options available in the event a mortgage foreclosure situation arises.

Especially in recent years, foreclosure defense matters have become more complex. New laws governing the foreclosure process are not always understood. We are also seeing a large number of residential homes or commercial property “underwater” where the outstanding mortgage is larger than the market value of the property.

Our firm can help you move forward and take advantage of every available option. This can include short sales or types of foreclosure that do not involve an order of deficiency. It can also involve renegotiating of a mortgage in a manner that would prevent future deficiencies from arising. The solutions that B. Diane Heindel can arrange for you may ultimately benefit every party to the foreclosure lawsuit.

Is Litigation Necessary

While most foreclosure matters do not require resolution in court, it’s good to have an experienced real estate attorney represent you who can try your matter in court if necessary. If you are a homeowner, sometimes lenders will not back down from a foreclosure proceeding even if problems with the terms of the mortgage have arisen. On the other hand, lenders often face circumstances where renegotiating of a mortgage is impossible and that a foreclosure is the only remaining option. In any event, it’s extremely beneficial to have an experienced litigation lawyer who understands both sides of such transactions and understands the legal approach the opposing counsel will take when handling a real estate foreclosure matter.

No matter which side you are on a dispute, the other party will be more willing to provide an acceptable resolution to the matter if he or she knows you have an attorney on your side who can try the matter in court. B. Diane Heindel is an experienced litigator who understands Texas real estate law and its court system. She will work toward a favorable result for you.

Contact Our Firm

Concerning your real estate foreclosure questions, a consultation with B. Diane Heindel in Tyler can be arranged if you contact her firm at 903-508-2705 or toll free at 1-800-481-9564.