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A mistake in a will, inconsistent provisions or evidence that the testator was coerced into including certain provisions in the will favorable to one party — this could result in rightful beneficiaries being deprived of their share of the estate if litigation is not pursued.

Question on estate administration regarding how assets of an estate are to be distributed are generally resolved in probate court. One function of a probate court is to make certain that the provisions of the will are carried out. If the deceased did not create a valid will, the court may then make certain the proceeds of the estate are distributed according to Texas intestate laws. When a will is contested or accusations of undue influence arise, the probate court will also need to intervene.

The Law Office of B. Diane Heindel, P.C., in Tyler, has handled a wide variety of probate matters such as these. The type of experience and services our offices provide can help make certain that assets from the estate are distributed in the manner that the decedent wished.

Avoiding Probate

A well-drafted will reduces the chances that it will later be contested in probate court. Estate assets can also be sheltered from probate by the creation of any number of trusts. Attorney B. Diane Heindel routinely prepares wills and trusts for clients. Her knowledge of Texas probate law and skills in preparing legal instruments like wills and trusts has helped her clients avoid the costly and time-consuming process of probate.

Long-Term Care Planning

When we are no longer able to care for ourselves or make decisions concerning our own well-being, we do not want to leave such determinations up to chance. Instead, we will want to make certain that someone we trust will be there to make the decisions for us.

As an experienced long-term care and estate planning lawyer, B. Diane Heindel can meet with you and discuss your various options. Diane can create power of attorney documentation so that you can choose the individual who will make important financial or medical decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated. She can prepare advance directives and living wills specifying the type of medical care you should receive after a major medical event has occurred. Diane can make certain that your wishes are carried out.

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