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Child Custody And Visitation

Every child custody and visitation matter revolves around what is in the best interest of the children. While this may seem like common sense, making a determination as to what is best for the child involves several considerations. Courts will take into account the financial, educational, emotional and physical needs of the child, and there can be differing opinions as to how these needs can be met. The parent who demonstrates that he or she is in the best position to raise the child in a beneficial manner will likely be awarded custody.

As an experienced family law lawyer, B. Diane Heindel can analyze your individual circumstances and advise you as to the most prudent approach concerning your child custody or visitation matter. She can also suggest changes that can be made concerning your current circumstances that will make it possible for all of the needs of the child to be addressed. Diane will work for you to ensure the most favorable outcome.

Family Law Attorney Experienced In Trying Cases

There is probably no more important family law matter than those involving child custody determinations. As court rulings on these matters can decide where the child will ultimately stay, these hearings can become particularly contentious.

B. Diane Heindel is an extremely experienced and skilled litigator who has tried a large variety of child custody and visitation issues. As someone who has represented both fathers and mothers in these disputes, she understands the approach that opposing counsel will take. Diane will prepare you to testify at trial. She will line up social workers, accountants and actuaries to testify on your behalf. Her trial skills and organizational abilities will allow you to be able to tell your side of the story.

Resolving Child Custody Matters Without Going To Court

Most child custody, child custody modifications and visitation disputes can be resolved if both parties are able to communicate with each other. As an experienced mediator and arbitrator, B. Diane Heindel understands how to facilitate that communication and get the two parties to agree. Even while representing you as an attorney, she can negotiate with your spouse and opposing counsel to arrive at the best possible outcome for you and your child.

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