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There is no greater gift that anyone could ever provide than to adopt and welcome a child into his or her home. However, because prospective parents are undertaking an enormous responsibility by taking such a step, a substantial number of requirements will need to be met before the adoption process can be finalized.

Anyone wishing to adopt a child should not easily give up when facing barriers that could prevent an adoption from being completed. Instead, they should seek legal counsel that can guide them through every step of the process.

Attorney B. Diane Heindel is passionate about the adoption process because she understands its importance. There are many sorts of adoptions for which Diane can provide legal representation. These can include uncontested adoptions, related adoptions and other independent or private adoptions. Besides helping parents adopt children, she has provided representation in stepparent adoption cases and in matters where grandparents would like to take over the parenting role regarding their grandchildren.

Terminating Of Rights Of Biological Parents

Before any adoption can be processed, reasons will need to be provided as to why the children cannot be best raised by the biological parents. This is not a simple procedure as the wishes of the biological parent toward the child always need to be considered. Proof may need to be provided demonstrating that the biological father or mother is not fit to raise the child. Litigation that would result in the rights of a biological parent being terminated could also be necessary. Unfortunately, such litigation can be contentious and requires skillful handling.

As an experienced adoption lawyer, B. Heindel can organize the appropriate documentation that would allow for the termination of rights of the biological parents and would allow for you to have the opportunity to adopt. In certain circumstances, Diane can convince the biological parents through negotiation to sign the appropriate stipulations and paperwork terminating their rights. In other situations, she may need to litigate the matter so that an order terminating the biological parents’ rights can be processed.

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