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Family Law Attorney

For nearly two decades, lawyer B. Diane Heindel has been representing clients in family law matters. Her wide variety of experience in this area allows for her to represent individuals from beginning to end whether the family law matter is transactional in nature or an issue that is bound to be litigated. Her clients have been impressed by the results of her efforts, and she often represents them on more than one occasion.

B. Diane Heindel provides skilled representation in traditional family law and domestic relations matters such as divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, alimony or child support payment issues and property division questions. Due to her in-depth knowledge of this area of law, she also represents individuals regarding grandparents’ rights cases, paternity issues, adoptions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and uncontested divorces. She will make certain that all orders pertaining to family law matters are enforced. If a family law order no longer serves its purpose, she will work to have the order modified or removed. No matter what the size of the family law issue concerns, Diane will handle it with the utmost professionalism.

Looking Out For The Best Interests Of The Children

As a resident of Tyler, Texas, B. Diane Heindel has devoted a great deal of her time to women who have been victimized due to circumstances of domestic violence in the home. In 2008, her efforts made her the recipient of the East Texas Crisis Center HOPE Award.

As an attorney who is often asked to advocate for children, Diane has brought that same passion to her legal practice in making certain all cases have a just and fair result for every party in a family law matter. This has always included looking out for the needs of the children.

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