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Civil Litigation

B. Diane Heindel is an attorney who can make things right for you. A substantial portion of Diane’s practice is dedicated to civil litigation. With her offices located in Tyler, Texas, Diane will appear almost any given day in court.

As Diane represents a diverse number of clients in the area, she also understands the makeup of the jury pools for Gregg and Smith counties. No case is too large or too small for her to provide representation. She routinely is retained by clients to provide representation in legal matters that other attorneys do not have the skills or knowledge to handle.

Diane’s knowledge of Texas courts allows her to understand when it is best to litigate or settle a case. Though she understands that litigation can be avoided in the majority of cases, her trial skills make her a formidable advocate in a courtroom.

A Legal Advocate Who Understands Every Aspect Of Your Case

B. Diane Heindel is a lawyer who will strive to obtain a resolution favorable to you. During more than a decade of litigation experience, Diane has represented both plaintiffs and defendants. She has represented businesses and consumers. Her representation of clients in credit card or banking matters, real estate title transfer cases and debt disputes has involved both lenders and borrowers.

When preparing for trial, Diane intuitively grasps the trial approach opposing counsel will take. Diane’s litigation experience and skills allow her to provide her clients the best possible legal representation in that she thoroughly understands every side of the dispute. She will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and explain all of your legal options. As a certified mediator and neutral arbitrator, she can explain to you whether mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods would be appropriate for your circumstances.

Diane Heindel will always take into consideration your financial circumstances when implementing any sort of trial strategy. Not only have the clients she has been represented been impressed with the results, they have also found her services to be affordable.

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