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Divorce Lawyer

A divorce touches every aspect of your life including your children, home, business and belongings. When going through the divorce process, you need at your side a lawyer who thoroughly understands what is at stake, and who will strive to bring to you the most desired outcome. You will need a powerful and knowledgeable legal advocate.

While dissolution of a marriage is understandably frustrating for most individuals going through the process, able legal handling can greatly ease the tension. You will not find a more passionate or experienced attorney than B. Diane Heindel.

Diane Heindel spends several hours every week arguing child support motions, attending temporary custody hearings and representing individuals going through divorces in Texas courts. She spends an even greater amount of time preparing cases, gathering evidence and information, creating an inventory of a couple’s assets, and negotiating for the best possible deal for her clients.

A Legal Strategy That Fits Your Particular Needs

Every divorce has its own individual circumstances and therefore the legal strategy for your particular case has to be unique. Because Diane Heindel has represented individuals in so many different divorce situations, she understands what approaches will and will not work in a divorce case. When retained as an attorney, she will bring all of that skill and experience to your particular matter.

Not every divorce will end at trial. As a certified mediator and neutral, Diane is a skilled negotiator who can in many instances work toward resolving your matter without having to go to court. Diane can prepare the paperwork in uncontested divorce cases. She can also put together a negotiated stipulation that addresses all of your requirements. Should changed circumstances arise, she can work toward modification of any agreement or court order.

Affordable And Cost-Effective Legal Services

Diane understands that finances will always be a matter of concern. Her firm therefore works with you to provide you with the most cost-effective and affordable legal services. Her knowledge and experience can provide you with a large variety of legal options to help resolve your divorce case.

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