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Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord/tenant disputes are extremely varied. The landlord may not take care of the property that is owned, or the tenant may not take care of the property that is being leased. Disputes may arise over the paying of rent. Eviction proceedings can arise due to misunderstandings. As both the landlord and the tenant take on a number of obligations toward each other when they sign a lease, it’s not surprising that litigation can result when one of these obligations is not met.

B. Diane Heindel is a Tyler attorney who has represented both landlords and tenants when these matters have been tried in court. Having prepared a number of landlord/tenant agreements in the past, Diane is extremely familiar with the types of language used in leases that can sometimes lead to disputes. As she thoroughly understands Texas landlord/tenant law, she can efficiently deal with these matters and often negotiate a resolution without the need of going to trial.

The Eviction Process

The most thoroughly contested landlord/tenant disputes often involve eviction of a tenant. The lawyer who handles the eviction notice matter either on behalf of the landlord or the tenant needs to thoroughly understand the law as how the eviction process operates. In Texas, both the landlord and tenant are provided certain rights when it comes to eviction. Whether an eviction goes forward is often dependent upon whether the alleged lease infraction is major or relatively minor, whether alternate arrangements can be made, and whether the terms of the eviction are consistent with the lease agreement and Texas law.

B. Diane Heindel has represented both landlords and tenants in these types of disputes and therefore understands how such disputes can best be resolved. She will stand up for your rights when providing you representation and make certain the dispute is resolved efficiently with a minimum amount of expense.

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