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What topics should you include in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Child Custody And Support |

Taking care of your children includes more than just providing food and shelter. Since many factors impact their daily life and well-being, crafting a parenting plan that reflects those needs is important.

Talking to your co-parent and determining what to include in this plan can help you both avoid conflicts and arguments.

Ways to communicate

According to Psychology Today, you may want to only exchange phone calls or see your co-parent in person in some specific circumstances. When you two agree on how you should communicate with each other, it helps reduce the tension you both feel.

Setting limits on the amount of communication or what devices or methods you can use is another part of this process. Planning for emergency situations is also important when discussing future problems you may encounter.

Schooling and activities

When you need to purchase supplies and fulfill school expenses, having a clear plan in place for who pays for what is important. As your children get older, they also may need to switch schools. You should also discuss who will pick up or drop off the children at school sporting events or after-school activities.

Vacation times

During the winter, children usually celebrate holidays with one parent or the other. Being open and honest with your co-parent about what times you want to have your children for when the holidays begin can help you both avoid arguments.

Planning for summer vacations or any other times when children will spend more time with their parents is another step you should take. Crafting a complete parenting plan that works for you and your co-parent can help you reduce your stress.


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