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Should you seek 50/50 custody?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Child Custody And Support |

When you divorce, your priority is spending as much time with your children as possible. Depending on your family situation, however, an exact 50/50 split may not make the most sense.

Review these factors if you are facing a divorce and considering 50/50 physical custody in Texas.

Geography proximity

For a smooth situation when you share 50/50 custody, you should live within a short distance of your child’s other parent. Ideally, you should both live close to your child’s school or child care provider. When both parents work, neither should have an extensive commute.

Cooperation abilities

If you and your former spouse have a high-conflict divorce, 50/50 custody could go awry. This type of split requires close communication and cooperation between parents. When these areas lack, your child may struggle. Both parents should have the emotional stability to handle ongoing contact with your former spouse.

Care responsibilities

When one parent has primarily cared for the children, you may want this arrangement to continue after the divorce. This is especially true for families with young children in which one of you has decided to leave the workforce until your kids enter school.

The stability of each parent’s living arrangement falls into this category. If one parent does not have a home that can accommodate children for extended periods, you may want to request an arrangement with visitation instead of shared custody.

Think carefully about these factors when deciding what custody schedule will best support your child’s healthy development. Sharing custody can benefit your kids when both parents can shoulder these responsibilities equally.


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