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Major League Baseball player files for divorce from actress

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce can be a complicated issue in Texas regardless of the personal and financial circumstances. Still, if it is a prominent couple who will be dealing with significant assets, child custody and the attention of the public, it will inevitably be harder. Many Texans have vast income and property holdings, so the end of a marriage can have challenges that those of more modest means will not face. Regardless of the situation, having experienced legal advice may be one of the most important factors to a successful resolution.

Baseball pitcher and actress set to divorce

A recent filing in which a baseball player is seeking a divorce from his actress wife is an example of a potential high-asset, well-known couple parting ways. The baseball pitcher Michael Kopech is seeking a divorce from his wife, the actress Vanessa Morgan. Mr. Kopech, 24, filed in Texas, his home state. The case is complicated by Ms. Morgan’s recent announcement that she is pregnant. He is recovering from an injury that cost him the 2019 season. She is a cast member on the show “Riverdale.”

Finances for a famous divorce can be complex

While there is a perception that a professional baseball player will make a great deal of money, Mr. Kopech is young and just starting out in his career. He has yet to sign a long-term contract. The 28-year-old Ms. Morgan is also in the nascent part of her acting career in which finances may be questionable. When gauging the case, it is important to consider all the financial and personal issues. This is especially true since Ms. Morgan is going to have a baby, making child support a critical part. These considerations might seem limited to well-known people, but they are quite common. Legal advice from the start may be essential.

It is important to consult with an experienced legal professional

When getting a divorce, it is wise to understand the entire legal process from top to bottom. If it is a high-asset divorce or one in which the finances can rise significantly in the future, the settlement must reflect that with maintenance, child support, property division and more. Consulting with a law firm experienced in all types of divorce cases can provide information and guidance to achieve a reasonable outcome.



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