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What can you expect in the property division stage of a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Divorce, Property Division |

Anyone in Texas who knows a family member or friend who has been through a divorce knows that the process can be quite difficult sometimes. Even when a divorcing couple is amicable enough to agree on many of the issues that need to be addressed in the legal process, there is still room for problems to arise. In many cases, the property division part of a divorce case is when much of the difficulty pops up.

So, what can our readers expect in the property division stage of a divorce case? Well, for starters, even though Texas is what is known as a “community property” state – meaning, for the most part, that assets and debts are divided evenly – divorcing couples should still expect difficult arguments and negotiations. After all, it isn’t always that easy to determine the value of certain assets, or to determine what, exactly, is part of the marital property that needs to be divided in the first place.

Furthermore, even as divorcing couples find themselves caught up in the back-and-forth over dividing assets and debts, they need to remember that what is important today may be a liability later on. The family home is a common example. Yes, you may have mountains of sentimental reasons to hang on to your family home, but can you afford it by yourself in post-divorce life?

The property division stage of a divorce can cause an impact that could be felt for years, and perhaps decades, after the divorce is finalized. Texas residents who are going through a divorce should be sure to consider all of their options when this issue comes up in the divorce case.


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