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East Texas divorces may look different now

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Divorce |

Marriage can be a struggle, especially now, but for those expecting an increase going into the summer season here, they are sorely mistaken. But, for those still going through the process, divorce does look different right now. Many Texas courts and attorneys are changing the way they do business.

The first change divorcing couples will notice is that interactions with their lawyers, including negotiations will now occur largely through video conferencing. Even the initial consultation with the divorce attorney will likely be through over the phone or video. This does not mean that in-person consultations do not occur, but they are very rare.

Once one reaches the court, depending on the county, this trend may or may not continue. In Smith County, there are three family law courts, and one is only hearing cases by Zoom, a video teleconferencing service. In fact, the Office of Court Administrations now has a Zoom license that allows any court in Texas to use the service, if the judge so chooses.

One local court will still hear cases in-person, but only in emergency. And, the other still allows appearances in person, which means that how a divorce looks really depends on the judge and court.

Regardless of how the court, attorneys, and clients decide to interact, divorces are still occurring, even if they may be over video conferencing. And, a divorce over video conference is still just as complicated, which is why courts still recommend those seeking a divorce to hire an attorney. Having someone on the line protecting one’s rights can make all the difference.


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