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Developing a parenting schedule after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Child Custody And Support |

Divorce can be a difficult process for a lot of people in Texas. When a divorcing couple has kids, the divorce can get even more complicated. That’s because even though a couple may wish to go their separate ways, they may have to stay in contact in order to share parenting responsibilities.

Parents will need to come up with a schedule for custody and visitation after a divorce, and the schedule may need to be updated over time. The age of the child will be a big factor in determining how much time the child will spend with each of their parents. If a child is in the baby or toddler stages, the primary caretaker will most likely care for the child exclusively while the other parent will be allowed to have visitation with the child. This is because very young children need to form an attachment with their primary caretaker, and leaving that parent will be too stressful.

As a child grows a little older, they will be able to handle leaving the primary caretaker for longer stretches of time. A young child who is out of the toddler age could have full days and overnights with the other parent. When children reach school age, divorced parents may be able to start dividing time equally by splitting the week.

Many divorced parents are unable to work out a parenting schedule together, and the court may need to step in and decide how parenting time should be divided. A parent who is in a child support or child custody struggle with their ex may want to have representation from an attorney. Family court hearings can proceed quickly, and an attorney might help a parent to communicate all of the vital facts to the judge.


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