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Social media and divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Divorce |

Getting divorced in Texas or any other state is often stressful. While many divorcing spouses are often advised to avoid social media during this time, some individuals who have been through the divorce process have come to appreciate some aspects of social media platforms and online communities.

The main benefit of social media for individuals going through a divorce is the ability to connect with others who have been through a similar experience. Divorcing spouses often find that friends and family feel uncomfortable with the idea of ‘taking sides” at the end of a couple’s marriage. This can make it difficult for divorcing spouses to find social and emotional support when they need it most.

When a person is online, however, he or she has the opportunity to connect with people outside his or her social circle. Social media users have no bias toward or connection to the divorcing couple and, therefore, can provide a significant level of support.

Still, there are some precautions that people should take when posting about their divorce on social media. Hiding one’s identity may be a good idea in order to ensure privacy. it’s also important to avoid revealing too much about oneself or one’s marriage online as this information could be used in divorce proceedings. This is particularly true if the spouse posting to social media begins a new romantic relationship or has experienced changes in his or her finances.

It’s also important to not rely too much on third-party descriptions of the divorce legal process. Each divorce case is unique, and laws vary by state. Individuals who are going through a divorce may benefit from seeking professional legal advice from an experienced family law attorney.


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