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Protecting children’s wellbeing after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorced Texas parents, no matter their own conflicted relationship, usually want what is best for the children. However, with the negative feelings often associated with a break up comes the possibility of exhibiting parental behavior that can negatively affect the children. It is possible to protect the emotional wellbeing of children after a divorce by keeping in mind that they have certain rights that need to be respected.

To promote children’s wellbeing after divorce, parents should remember that children have the right to continue positive relationships with both their parents and, as time goes on, with any stepparents. They also have the right to decide how they want these relationships to develop, who they spend time with and how they show their affection. They should not be prevented from developing relationships with both parents and should not have to listen to one parent speak negatively about the other.

Children also have the right to develop their relationships with their peers. Parents should encourage their friendships, even if sometimes this interferes with the parenting plan in place. In the same way, parents should respect their children’s right to know about any changes in the parenting plan or schedule that will affect their lives. Finally, parents should be honest, open and supportive of their children, particularly during the process and transition period after the breakup. The goal is to help children grow up stable and feeling loved so that they do not struggle into adulthood with many of the issues that come up in divorce.

One possible way of helping to ensure that children grow up emotionally healthy after divorce is to design a parenting plan that allows parents to co-parent successfully and positively. During the divorce process, the assistance of a family law lawyer in designing a plan that works for all parties might be very helpful.


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