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Silent relationship killers that ruin marriages

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Divorce |

Texas couples who are concerned about making their marriages last should be aware of the silent relationship killers that can lead to a divorce. These are problems that usually start out small but can escalate quickly and cause both partners to decide that sticking things out is no longer the best option.

When a person starts to look at his or her spouse with resentment or contempt, that individual sees everything that his or her partner does in a negative way. These feelings can undermine a person’s desire to keep on working at improving the relationship. Learning to tackle conflict early in the marriage can allow both individuals to freely express how they feel and then find a compromise with which they are both happy.

One insidious issue that some couples deal with is invalidating one other’s emotions. The individual who is guilty of this may not even realize that he or she is doing it. However, it can lead to the other person feeling disconnected and unheard. It could be something as simple as constantly disagreeing with one’s partner. For example, one individual may say that he or she is hot, and then the other person says it’s not that hot. These types of things build up over time and can cause a relationship to crumble.

Some individuals who have dealt with serious problems in previous relationships have turned to therapy for help dealing with past trauma. If they enter a new relationship without dealing with past trauma, they are going to be left feeling anxious and insecure even in the best of circumstances. Understanding triggers from past traumas can help an individual deal with them in a more positive way.

Some couples decide that ending their marriage is their only option. As a person begins divorce proceedings, he or she may have questions about dividing assets, alimony, child custody and other divorce issues. A lawyer who specializes in family law may be able to help a person navigate the process.


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