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Protecting privacy online during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Divorce |

When people in Texas get a divorce, they may want to take steps to secure their online accounts. They could change all their passwords and remove themselves from any shared accounts. If the couple shares any devices, such as phones, laptops or tablets, they should delete any personal information from them. They may want to reset to factory settings after each person has had an opportunity to remove everything they want.

Heading into a divorce is a good time to lock down social media accounts. This could include deleting anything that could cause problems during the divorce process. These are all steps that can help to reduce the likelihood of any drama during and after the divorce.

Technology can also help facilitate the divorce process. There are a number of apps that can help parents with scheduling and communicating about child custody and visitation. These apps will even strip out upsetting language and save information that may be useful if the parents end up having to go to court over child custody.

People may want to talk to an attorney about what to keep private during the divorce process and what they should be forthcoming about. For example, people are required to provide all necessary information about finances so that property division is a fair process. In Texas, assets are supposed to be divided equally in a divorce since it is a community property state.

People also need to be open about any plans involving children. They may not be permitted to relocate with children if this will affect the custody and visitation agreement. However, negotiations will proceed more smoothly if couples make an effort to avoid bringing more personal conflicts into the divorce process. In child custody cases that go to court, some judges may look unfavorably on parents who cannot set these kinds of conflicts aside.


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