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The termination of child support comes with unique challenges

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Child Custody And Support |

Texas parents who find that divorce is the best option are often faced with many questions regarding child support. In virtually all cases, one parent will end up being required to provide some amount of financial support for minor children. However, this typically depends on factors like the balance of custody, visitation rights, wages and the amount of financial means needed to provide for the best interests of the kids.

No matter the circumstances, the bottom line is that the parent responsible for payments must abide by the final decision of the court. Although it may seem like child support should be terminated due to things like visitation being limited, the court has the final say in support payment matters.

If a parent feels that there is no longer a need to pay child support, such as when a child chooses to become emancipated, he or she will need to file a motion in court to have the existing orders modified. This provides a legal foundation for the parent to stop support payments without the risk of violating the law. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the parent who is receiving the payments has the right to challenge the motion and block the termination from moving forward. This means payments will need to continue until the matter is resolved.

Child support can be a very complex legal concern, leading many parents to turn to family law attorneys for help. Legal counsel can assist with issues surrounding child support, including the termination of support when warranted. In addition, an attorney could help file and obtain a child support modification for a client.


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