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Divorce risk higher when couples are physically mismatched

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Divorce |

Some Texas men prefer to pursue relationships with women more physically attractive than themselves. While there is nothing wrong with this particular preference, research suggests couples in physically mismatched marriages may be more likely to call it quits. This is the primary takeaway from various studies on relationships involving notable differences in physical appearance between spouses, especially when it’s the man who is marrying a more attractive partner.

Most people do actually pair with partners on par with their physical attributes, although online dating data shows both men and women sometimes pursue romantic interests more attractive than themselves. If such relationships result in marriage, however, there is an increased risk of divorce. As for why this is so, some studies say it’s because more attractive spouses tend to flirt more with other individuals. Other research suggests jealously on the part of the less attractive spouse may be a factor.

However, a separate university study covering the same topic presents some promising news for men preferring to marry out of their league. After interviewing several newlyweds, researchers discovered that husbands hitched to more attractive mates were happier than men who chose partners more suitably matched with themselves physically. The happy husbands were also more likely to be better at helping their spouses with their problems. Based on results from a different study, it’s also been suggested that disparities in attractiveness may not be such a big deal if couples with notable difference in their appearances developed a strong mutual friendship before they became romantically involved with one another.

Physical discrepancies alone are rarely the sole reason for the end of marriage. Regardless of what may have led to the decision to untie a knot, an attorney can take steps to make the process of legally separating less stressful for a soon-to-be-ex-spouse. This might involve negotiating spousal support terms that are reasonable if there wasn’t a prenuptial agreement in place covering arrangements of this nature. A lawyer may also be a much-appreciated ally if a spouse has significant assets they want to protect as much as possible when splitting from their partner.


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