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Parallel parenting plans can work for many exes

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Child Custody And Support |

Texas parents headed for a split are often concerned about the potential for conflict in their co-parenting relationships. While the best parenting situations are child focused and collaborative, there is hope for those who have trouble communicating with their exes. With planning and commitment, a parallel parenting arrangement can be successful and even serve as a bridge to a less acrimonious situation after passions have cooled.

Parallel parenting arrangements require a great deal of planning to account for various possible contingencies that may arise. Family lawyers and mediators are typically skilled at asking the types of questions designed to facilitate the structure of an effective plan, but parents must contribute and act in good faith. A particular point of emphasis is the manner of communication between the parties. Collaborative relationships encourage frequent and positive communication between the parties, but a parallel plan is designed to limit interaction and thereby reduce the risk of conflagration. The parties should agree to communicate in a businesslike fashion in regard to the logistics of the involved children. The most common method is through email, but sometimes the use of third parties is required.

Every type of parenting plan will typically need adjustment as children grow. As schedules change and extracurricular interests evolve, so will parental responsibilities. Every parenting relationship should put the best interests of the children first, even if the parents are not getting along. For this reason, it is important not to quiz children about their time with the other parent or to undermine that relationship. Every child deserves a stable relationship with both parents.

Splitting a family is never easy. However, getting advice and counsel from a qualified family law attorney regarding potential child custody and visitation plans can help to create a positive environment for all concerned in the aftermath of a divorce.


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