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Addressing child support issues

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Child Custody And Support |

Financial issues can be a source of tension in many relationships. These problems can also cause acrimony between couples who have divorced and have to co-parent with one another. Co-parents in Texas and the rest of the country should make an effort to prioritize their children and work to resolve any disagreements regarding money.

Emotions can become heated if one parent is not making the payments for child support or any other financial obligations that are required. Whether the paying parent is experiencing financial hardship or is not making payments for other reasons, it is important that both exes try to remain civil.

Making threats against a parent not fulfilling their financial duties toward the children they share may only make it more difficult to have productive conversations. Other actions, such as reporting the delinquent co-parent to the attorney general’s office, can jeopardize any semblance of a relationship with the ex and may give the impression to the same co-parents that the money takes precedence over the children.

Co-parents are likely to have to address financial issues with one another for many years, even after their children grow up and go to college. While both parents should make every effort to ensure that the children they share have the financial assistance they need, even by initiating enforcement procedures, if necessary, it is important that they also make the same effort maintain a cooperative relationship.

A family law attorney may help a parent resolve disputes regarding child support and other legal issues related to the custody of children. The attorney could request the modification of existing child support orders to address financial hardships by the paying parent or increased expenses by the receiving parent. In order to obtain delinquent payments, the attorney may petition the court to enforce the child support order.


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