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Social media and divorce

Getting divorced in Texas or any other state is often stressful. While many divorcing spouses are often advised to avoid social media during this time, some individuals who have been through the divorce process have come to appreciate some aspects of social media platforms and online communities.

Financial experts can be key to handling a high-asset divorce

The ramifications of a Texas divorce can be significant, especially financially. This is true with any divorce, but it is more prominent in a high-asset divorce. Navigating finances can be a contentious factor. The parties should be cognizant of how to address their concerns. In certain cases, a divorce financial specialist can be of assistance.

Social media posts could be used as evidence

It is not uncommon for individuals in Texas to have one or more social media accounts. Therefore, it isn't unheard of for evidence gleaned from social media sites to impact a divorce case. According to data collected by Web Preserver, roughly 33% of divorces occur because of affairs that take place online. Furthermore, it found that 81% of attorneys have found evidence from social media platforms that was worth using in divorce cases.

Strategic divorce may save money in some cases

There are situations in which a married couple might want to file for divorce in Texas even if there are no problems in the marriage. Strategic divorce can sometimes save the parties money on their taxes or help one of the spouses qualify for Medicaid. In many cases, though, filing for divorce can also cause problems with retirement accounts or health insurance. Ultimately, whether to file for strategic divorce is a case-specific question that a lawyer might be able to help answer.

Some things indicate divorce on the horizon

For people in Texas who are considering a divorce, it can be difficult to know what the right decision is. While it may be best to go through with the process, it can also be daunting as divorce brings with it a number of stresses that may otherwise be avoided. It is natural to want to avoid the financial, mental and emotional issues that come with divorce, and those considerations can cloud a person's judgment. Couples that lack respect for one another, mock each other or don't want to come home, though, might be better off divorced.

Protecting a credit score after divorce

A person's credit score is not affected by their marital status. However, if a couple in Texas or any other state decides to get a divorce, joint accounts could negatively affect their credit score. A vengeful ex-spouse could create financial chaos that damages a person's credit score, and even simple confusion in the case of an amicable divorce could do the same.

Making parenting work with a challenging former spouse

When Texas couples with young children get divorced, they need to figure out a way to work together to continue parenting. If the split was amicable, coming up with a parenting plan could be simple. But when the relationship is full of conflicts, negotiating a custody agreement or parenting plan might be a tense, difficult process.

Initial marital happiness likely to persist

When people in Texas decide to divorce, financial issues can be some of the most contentious. People can struggle over child support and alimony as well as the division of property like retirement funds or the family home. Given the role of financial conflict in many divorces, people may expect that socioeconomic status is linked to marital happiness overall. One set of researchers set out to study whether couples that are less well-off financially are also more likely to face marital problems. The study examined 431 couples living in one area known for generally low incomes.

Special conditions caused by divorcing later in life

As the phenomenon of gray divorce continues to increase, Texas residents who are 50 or older might have to face the challenges that divorcing later in life can bring. With gray divorce increasing to 1 in 4 in 2010 from 1 in 10 in 1990, the financial outcomes of these marriages breaking up can be very difficult to overcome.

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