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The pitfalls of handling a landlord/tenant dispute yourself

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes |

Being a landlord can be lucrative and fulfilling, but it also entails touching on sensitive matters such as housing, livelihoods and finances with your tenants. When one party feels that the other is overstepping its bounds or failing in its obligations, a dispute arises.

As a landlord, you might feel that you are in a strong position in your relationship with a tenant. This can give rise to the notion that you can and should handle any disputes yourself, but there are some critical pitfalls you might fall into when you approach a real estate dispute without professional assistance.

Your legal rights may be unclear

Texas landlord/tenant law offers strong protections to landlords of which you might not be aware. Working with a legal professional with experience in real estate law can help you advocate for your rights in a dispute.

A tenant may become dangerous

Some tenants can quickly become hostile if they feel that their landlord is threatening eviction or simply when they wish to violate the terms of their lease agreement. Seeking professional assistance can be critical in protecting your safety and putting a potentially dangerous situation to rest as quickly as possible.

You might stand accused of landlord harassment

If you repeatedly attempt to settle a dispute with a tenant without taking proper legal action, your tenant might try to turn the tables by filing a landlord harassment claim. Even if you are innocent of such behavior, dealing with this type of lawsuit can consume time and effort better spent elsewhere.

While many landlord/tenant disputes may sort themselves out when a problematic tenant eventually comes to terms with their legal obligations, other situations require prompt legal action. Involving a strong legal team in any disputes that arise will help ensure a favorable outcome.


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