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Should you talk to your child about the divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Divorce |

As a parent, you want to avoid harming your child at all costs. Because telling them about the upcoming divorce would hurt them, it makes sense that you want to put it off for as long as possible.

But did you know that by doing so, you may actually cause them even further distress and harm?

Sooner rather than later

As Psychology Today states, dealing with divorce is a complex matter. Talking about it with anyone, let alone your child, is equally complex and sometimes even more emotionally draining. But experts generally suggest that you break the news sooner rather than later.

Why? First of all, it gives your child more time to prepare. You may feel like you have given them more time to enjoy life before knowing about the divorce, but the reality is, you actually strip them of the time they need to get ready for their new reality.

Unintentionally hurting your child

It can also leave your child feeling out of the loop and bitter. Most children are perceptive and sensitive, especially to changes in other family members. They can tell something is wrong before you even broach the topic, and they may only feel hurt that you did not approach them sooner.

Likewise, many children are more mature than their parents believe. They can handle conversations at a higher level of complexity and will need the information you can give them to start processing the situation they are in. With the time needed to create a stable foundation, they will likely have a better chance of healthily coping with the split and moving forward in this new life.


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