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Paying child support with your credit card

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Child Custody And Support |

If you currently owe child support or expect to owe support shortly, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the process of making payments. Many parents have child support withheld automatically by their employer through an income withholding order. However, you could have to find another way to pay support, whether such an order has not taken effect yet, you lose your job or you run your own business.

When it comes to paying child support in Texas, you have several options. For example, you can make payments using your credit card or debit card.

Paying child support online, over the phone or at a kiosk

According to the Texas Attorney General, you can use your credit card to make a child support payment online, by calling the state’s child support disbursement unit or at certain kiosks located around the state. Paying with a credit card is often very convenient, but you need to make sure you register properly and monitor your card’s balance.

Other considerations regarding child support payments

It is also vital to pay attention to convenience fees, which vary depending on the method you use and the amount of support you pay. Make sure you provide all of the necessary information correctly, such as your case number.

It is important to note that when you pay child support with your card, processing times vary. For example, if you use a certain online system, it could take up to seven business days for the state to process your payment, while another payment method processes child support payments within three business days. Therefore, make sure you pay in advance to avoid delinquency.


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