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How can landlords resolve disputes with tenants?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes |

Becoming a landlord may bring extra income, but it may also bring extra headaches. Property owners deserve to know how to diffuse conflict with tenants. That way, all parties feel heard and understood, and tenants have a reason to renew their leases.

With tips from AllBusiness, landlords have a better idea of how to approach tenant disputes. Keeping tenants happy keeps landlords happy.

Know the law

Tenants and property owners alike protect themselves and their interests by knowing Texas law regarding lease agreements. Landlords may violate a tenant’s rights unintentionally by not knowing the latest regulations. Tenants and property owners must know their shared and separate obligations to reduce conflict and stay on the right side of the law.

Have a dialogue

Landlords and residents may benefit from sitting down and having a conversation when they encounter conflict. Modern technology makes it easy to fire off a text message or email, but in-person interactions may add a layer of connection missing from digital communications. All parties should have the opportunity to meet and express their emotions and feel heard.

Remain calm

Landlords must keep their cool while talking with tenants. That way, they do not give residents ammunition to use in court. Another reason to remain calm is to avoid speaking out of anger, which often only worsens the situation. Taking a break and going for a walk when tempers flare could help parties keep cool.

Keep thorough documents

In case the landlord-tenant dispute goes to court, it makes sense to document everything. Proof of wrongdoing or words said may help build and strengthen a legal case.

Understanding how to respond to tenant conflict helps landlords be better landlords. The right insights promote peace and understanding.


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