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How can you collect past due child support payments?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody And Support |

After finalizing your divorce, you and your ex-spouse must abide by the child support order in your settlement.

If the noncustodial parent does not pay the required amount, you have several ways to enforce support. With knowledge of Texas child support laws, you can take steps to obtain financial assistance for your family.

File an enforcement action

When your ex fails to make the necessary child support payments, you can file an enforcement action in family court. This process requests that the judge enforce the support order detailed in your divorce agreement. A judge may impose a fine or require jail time until the delinquent parent pays a portion of the outstanding support amount.

Place a lien on assets

If your ex-spouse owns property or other holdings in Texas, you can file a child support lien with the county clerk. This process creates a secured debt for the unpaid support money, and the assets serve as collateral for the obligation.

Suspend licenses

If your ex-spouse owes three or more months of overdue payments or failed to follow a previous repayment plan, you have another recovery option. Texas law allows the court to suspend or revoke licenses, permits and other certificates until you receive the past due amounts.

Intercept tax refunds

Under certain conditions, you can intercept your ex’s federal income tax refunds, lottery winnings, or other state and federal income. If the parent who owes support has regular income, a court can withhold a portion of each paycheck for child support payments.

You need the child support payments awarded to you in your divorce settlement to take care of your family. Texas law offers various ways to secure financial support for your children.


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