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How your spouse’s social media activity can impact your divorce

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The interconnectedness of social media can be addicting for some. But faced with divorce, suddenly, social media could become a problem. If your spouse hasn’t been representing themselves appropriately on social media, you may be able to use this evidence against them in court.

Determining finances

It’s unlikely that your spouse would list their earnings on social media. However, there are other ways that social media can give insight into your spouse’s finances. Your spouse may claim a low income to get out of high costs for child support or alimony. But their social media could show extravagant vacations or purchases that indicate they are not being honest about their finances. In addition, your spouse may attempt to hide the full scope of their business practices from you—even though this information may available through LinkedIn.

Child custody

If your spouse has been posting inappropriately on social media, the court could take this into consideration in your divorce. This kind of behavior could hurt their chances of gaining parenting time.

For example, if your spouse posts drunken photos of themselves partying when they were supposed to be watching your children, it could hurt their chances of custody. In addition, if your spouse should be job hunting but posts pictures of themselves taking it easy all day, this could show they aren’t responsible enough to handle custody.

Social media has become a powerful tool in the divorce process. If your spouse has potentially inappropriate content on their accounts, this could significantly affect the divorce proceedings. Working with your lawyer to gather such evidence can create a strong case for you in court.


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