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What are your rights as a tenant in Texas?

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Do you fall into the high number of residents who rent their property? According to 2019 study, nearly 48% of residents in Tyler are renters. This is especially true for people who are not married, as the majority of people who fall under this demographic are currently renters.

With so many people currently renting property in Texas, it is extremely important to know your rights as a tenant. Disputes between landlord and tenant are not uncommon. Understanding what you are entitled to as renter is key to not allowing your landlord to take advantage of you as well as enjoying the housing that you pay good money to live in.

Quiet enjoyment

When you decide to live in a property you have the right to enjoy it. Simply, your landlord cannot evict you from your home without proper cause. Proper cause may include a failure to pay rent or a consistent string of broken apartment complex rules.

Additionally, your landlord and the other tenants in your complex cannot disturb your right to peace and quiet. This may include harassment or other wrongful actions taken by your neighbors that your landlord lawfully must protect you from.

Health and safety

Signing a lease entitles you to the right to live in a secure home that is up to health standards. Your landlord must fix any condition that affects either your physical health or safety. This right, however, only applies to the facilities your landlord is in control of, as well as normal wear and tear.

Under most circumstances, you are responsible for damages caused by either yourself or someone who is a guest in your home. That said, if your landlord has supplied an environment that affects your health in any way, he or she must remedy the situation.

Home security

Feeling secure in your own home is very important to your well-being. As a tenant, you have the right to live in a safe place and feel like you can leave your property without the fear having your home broken into or robbed. This means that your landlord must supply your apartment with the necessary security equipment to assure your safety.

Your apartment must have security devices such as conventional locks, deadbolts, sliding door handle latches and window latches among other necessary equipment. If the security measures taken are inadequate or nonexistent, you have the right as a renter to request that your landlord supply these materials.

Knowing your rights as a renter are key to thriving in your new community. Make sure to contact proper legal assistance if you feel as though your rights have been violated.


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