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B. Diane Heindel has earned a reputation for providing the highest level of representation for every client. While Diane is a skillful negotiator who as a lawyer generally resolves matters prior to trial, she is also an experienced civil litigator who brings about good results in the courtroom. Throughout her legal career, Diane has represented clients in court on almost a daily basis. Whether it concerns family law, real estate or a probate case, she is a legal advocate who will fight for you.

An Attorney Providing Desirable Outcomes For Her Clients

The Law Office of B. Diane Heindel, P.C., is located in Tyler, Texas, and has a diverse clientele. As a skilled lawyer, Diane Heindel provides professional representation for rural and urban clients. Our firm takes a personal interest in every matter because we care about obtaining the best possible result.

Those who have been represented by B. Diane Heindel have been happy with the outcome of their cases. Diane has a reputation for paying a great deal of attention to each particular case and taking on difficult legal matters that other attorneys often turn down. Her clients have recommended her services to others because of the results she has achieved. Diane will make certain that your interests are represented and work quickly and efficiently to resolve your case.

Civil Litigator Who Understands All Your Legal Options

Not every case needs to be tried in court. There are means that can be employed to avoid trial known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This includes having your matter tried through the processes of mediation and arbitration. Whether these processes are appropriate for your matter depends upon the circumstances of your case.

Mediation is where the two parties try to settle the matter prior to trial with the assistance of a mediator. Arbitration involves a hearing where a neutral arbitrator makes a decision about your case that in some circumstances can be binding. As Diane Heindel is a certified mediator and neutral arbitrator, she thoroughly understands these processes and can advise as to whether this would be the best method for having your case heard.

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B. Diane Heindel can meet with you by appointment Monday through Friday. Weekend or evening-hour appointments can also be arranged. Contact our office at 903-508-2705 or call toll free at 1-800-481-9564. Se habla español.