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Early planning can limit divorce headaches

It may seem counterintuitive for Texas couples to think about divorce while planning a wedding, but the high divorce rates suggest that may be a pragmatic strategy for individuals with assets they'd like to protect if their marriages fail. Removing uncertainty is always good and can even help a marriage prosper by allowing couples to focus on the present more fully.

Couples over 50 face challenges in divorce

In Texas and across the United States, the past 25 years have seen the divorce rate for people over age 50 more than double, and this trend is continuing to rise. While divorce can be complex and difficult at any stage of life, carrying an array of financial, emotional and practical consequences, it can present unique challenges for people divorcing later in life after a long-term marriage. This is especially true when the couple has accumulated a significant amount of assets over the years of their marriage.

Handling finances after a divorce

Texas residents who get a divorce should be prepared for the financial issues that can arise after the divorce has been finalized. In addition to maintaining their attorney and consulting with a financial advisor, there are some other ways to make sure that their post-divorce finances do not negatively impact their livelihood.

How a prenup can be challenged and invalidated

Prenuptial agreements have many stigmas attached to them, and one of them is that the document is ironclad once signed. Many stereotypes in movies reinforce this idea, but this is actually a myth. Prenuptial agreements can be poorly written contracts that don't hold up under the scrutiny of the law, and they can certainly be invalidated -- partially or wholly -- as a result of malfeasance by one of the spouses.

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