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Protecting children's wellbeing after divorce

Divorced Texas parents, no matter their own conflicted relationship, usually want what is best for the children. However, with the negative feelings often associated with a break up comes the possibility of exhibiting parental behavior that can negatively affect the children. It is possible to protect the emotional wellbeing of children after a divorce by keeping in mind that they have certain rights that need to be respected.

Preparing for divorce in summer

Summers in Texas bring an increased risk of divorce for many families. According to research out of the American Sociological Association, divorce filings regularly rise in August. This may be because couples spend more time together during summer vacation, exacerbating any issues they're already experiencing. Spouses who believe that their marriage is at risk during this time of year may want to prepare for the end.

Options for paying for a divorce

How to pay for a divorce can present a challenge for some people in Texas. Options might include taking out a personal loan, using a credit card, using savings or borrowing from family. Each of these approaches could have advantages and disadvantages.

Who is responsible for paying back education loans post-divorce?

As some Texas residents have experienced, divorce can include the complicated process of dividing assets and debt. And because not all debt is equal, it might be difficult to understand, for example, who is responsible for paying back one of the spouse's student loans.

Can divorce hurt kids' college plans?

When family dynamics change due to divorce, the impact can be long-lasting. Many Texas parents find that planning for life after divorce involves a lot more than simply dividing assets and going their separate ways, especially if they have children. And a study published in Sociological Science has found that it can even stop children from going to college.

Protecting a credit score in a divorce

Filing for divorce could have a negative impact on a credit score whether a person is getting divorced in Texas or any other state. One reason why a credit score could suffer is because joint accounts were not closed when the marriage ended. Credit bureaus receive information about anyone who is listed on such an account.

Minimizing the effect of divorce on professional life

People in Texas who are getting a divorce may struggle to keep their divorce separate from their work life, but it is important to do so. The stress and anxiety of divorce can have a significant effect on a person's performance at work if strategies are not in place to deal with it. People should also avoid mistakes that could compromise the confidentiality of the divorce.

Silent relationship killers that ruin marriages

Texas couples who are concerned about making their marriages last should be aware of the silent relationship killers that can lead to a divorce. These are problems that usually start out small but can escalate quickly and cause both partners to decide that sticking things out is no longer the best option.

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