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March 2020 Archives

Consider a prenuptial agreement before marriage

While most people hesitate to think of a divorce before they even get married, a prenuptial agreement can help prevent future disputes if the marriage is not successful. While this type of agreement is not for everyone, it can help protect many different types of people and provide for an orderly separation in the future.

The importance of life insurance in a divorce agreement

When Texas parents of young children are contemplating ending their marriage, they often try to negotiate a settlement agreement that will deal with spousal and child support, among other matters. However, they often fail to take into account what will happen to the recipient should the payer die prematurely. One thing that should be considered is the procurement of a life insurance policy.

Is the easement to your property leaving you uneasy?

Maybe you weren't initially aware of it, or you were but had since forgotten that when you purchased your property, it came with an easement. Sometimes known as "rights of way," easements allow another person or entity access to property that is otherwise yours. The easement should be recorded in your local assessor's office. It's a good idea to get a copy of it so that you can reference it if there is ever a need.

What to know about divorce trials

Texas residents who are going through a divorce may be tempted to take their cases to trial. This may seem especially attractive for those who don't believe that their spouses are negotiating in good faith. However, there may be several pitfalls involved with going to trial that individuals should be aware of. Perhaps the primary pitfall of taking a case to court is how much it will cost. It isn't uncommon for individuals to spend thousands of dollars in legal and other fees.

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