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December 2019 Archives

Why January is a popular month for divorce

It isn't uncommon for couples in Texas and throughout the United States to get divorced in January. This is partially because they may feel more stress during the holiday season, and they may decide that it's better to avoid going through the same experience in the future. Others may decide to file for divorce in January as a means of giving themselves a fresh start in the new year.

How to talk about a prenup agreement

Couples in Texas who are planning to wed might be considering a prenup agreement. While some people feel anxious about what this might mean, experts recommend signing one as it can clearly define financial boundaries and avoid additional problems in case of a divorce. However, for many people, talking about the prenup can cause distrust and anger. One way to avoid this is to approach the conversation empathizing with a future spouse's concerns while still being honest about what each expects.

Make a financial plan before a divorce

While the divorce rate in the United States has gone down since the 80s, about 39% of marriages still end in divorce. Since divorce can be financially devastating, couples in Texas should learn about a few steps they can take to get their finances ready before splitting up.

Parenting marriages can benefit the children and reduce stress

Once you decide that your marriage is over, your first instinct might be to file for divorce. If you have children, this might not be the best option. A better solution might be remaining in a parenting marriage with your child's other parent. This isn't a conventional choice, but some parents are finding it useful when the situation arises.

Hague Convention rules for international possession disputes

International travel is increasingly simple for people in Texas and all over the world. The ease of international travel and the presence of international opportunities for employment make it more likely that a person will move and live abroad. When combined with a marriage, divorce or children, this can give rise to complicated issues of child possession. For example, there may be questions as to which country's laws are applicable when a parent removes a child from the country.

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