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July 2019 Archives

How "gray divorce" may hurt finances

Divorce can be difficult for people at any age, but multiple studies show that divorcing after the age of 50 causes some particular challenges. The divorce rate for people in this age group is twice as high as it was in 1990, but people in Texas who get a so-called "gray divorce" may struggle emotionally and financially afterwards.

Protecting children's wellbeing after divorce

Divorced Texas parents, no matter their own conflicted relationship, usually want what is best for the children. However, with the negative feelings often associated with a break up comes the possibility of exhibiting parental behavior that can negatively affect the children. It is possible to protect the emotional wellbeing of children after a divorce by keeping in mind that they have certain rights that need to be respected.

Preparing for divorce in summer

Summers in Texas bring an increased risk of divorce for many families. According to research out of the American Sociological Association, divorce filings regularly rise in August. This may be because couples spend more time together during summer vacation, exacerbating any issues they're already experiencing. Spouses who believe that their marriage is at risk during this time of year may want to prepare for the end.

How your spouse’s social media activity can impact your divorce

The interconnectedness of social media can be addicting for some. But faced with divorce, suddenly, social media could become a problem. If your spouse hasn’t been representing themselves appropriately on social media, you may be able to use this evidence against them in court.

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