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Can divorce hurt kids' college plans?

When family dynamics change due to divorce, the impact can be long-lasting. Many Texas parents find that planning for life after divorce involves a lot more than simply dividing assets and going their separate ways, especially if they have children. And a study published in Sociological Science has found that it can even stop children from going to college.

How to buy a home as part of a divorce settlement

When a married couple in Texas chooses to end their relationship, they may have to decide how to split the marital home. This is not always an easy decision for a Texas couple to make as each partner could have an emotional attachment to the house. By asking the right questions, it's possible to make an educated decision about what to do with such an asset.

Parents can help kids get through divorce

When parents in Texas decide to divorce, they may be concerned about how the end of their marriage will affect their children. Of course, many people know that children can suffer when their parents separate, but by being conscious of how they interact with each other and the kids, parents can help to mitigate these effects. Experts note that marriages that are full of conflict, infidelity, contempt or abuse can be particularly dangerous to children's well-being and can teach damaging messages about relationships for the future.

Protecting a credit score in a divorce

Filing for divorce could have a negative impact on a credit score whether a person is getting divorced in Texas or any other state. One reason why a credit score could suffer is because joint accounts were not closed when the marriage ended. Credit bureaus receive information about anyone who is listed on such an account.

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