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Preparing to tell children about an upcoming divorce

If you and your spouse decide to end the marriage, many important factors come to the forefront for resolution. Some important topics will take priority later in the divorce process such as dividing assets and resolving financial obligations, but there are other elements that need immediate attention when first deciding to divorce.

Factors that can influence child custody

Child custody battles can be stressful and may be one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through. When it comes to child custody, there can be many factors that come into play when determining how the details will be figured out. However, there are certain aspects to the determination of child custody that can be useful for you to know. 

Birth certificate is a record, may not establish paternity

The laws of most states are designed with the assumption in mind that a baby's parents are legally married. This can raise questions in some cases where the father's name is not on the baby's birth certificate. For mothers in Texas, they may think they have to file for custody or that it might be a bad idea to file if it causes a father who was out of the picture to show back up to make demands for joint custody.

The impact of divorce on older adults

Adults in Texas who are 50 and older are twice as likely to divorce as couples of that age were in 1990. Those who are 65 and older are three times more likely to do so. Researchers have made suggestions as to why divorce is on the rise for older adults, but studies show that their speculations were not always correct.

Protecting finances during a divorce

When people in Texas decide to divorce, there can be long-lasting economic consequences that linger beyond the emotional and practical effects of the end of a marriage. Many people are particularly concerned about the threat of financial disaster. For women in particular, scholars have noted that divorced women see their income fall by over a fifth without recovering. On the other hand, data shows divorced men seeing their income rise by around 33 percent.

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