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Planning for retirement after divorce

People in Texas who decide to divorce may already be aware of the emotional, practical and financial difficulties that can accompany the end of a marriage. However, these changes can affect areas of life that people may not automatically consider when first considering a divorce. It is possible to surmount these challenges, but it can be important to consider these issues during the divorce negotiations, settlement process and when planning for the post-divorce financial future. One such issue is retirement planning, an issue that may loom large for people who divorce later in life but may seem less urgent to those separating at a younger age.

Is it your land? Identify your rights before an easement dispute

You have lived on multiple secluded acres in Tyler for many years. The landlocked property behind you recently sold, and the new owners require an easement to access their land. You do not appreciate the increased traffic through your property because of the new neighbors, yet you may not have the legal power to stop them.

Possible restrictions on finances, custody during divorce

Some Texas couples who are getting a divorce may be surprised by the restrictions they face during the process. These restrictions vary from place to place and are largely aimed at ensuring that one parent does not take the children out of the other parent's reach and that neither spouse spends the marital assets.

Possible ways to structure alimony payments

Given that about 3 out of every 1,000 residents in Texas have been through a divorce at some point in their lives, Texans are no strangers to the complexities inherent in the divorce process. It is an emotionally trying process, and there are numerous details to be ironed out, including child custody, asset division and alimony payments, each of which is subject to different laws that further complicate matters.

Financial planning is critical for divorcing parents

A divorce can send an entire household into financial chaos. However, Texas parents that have decided to split up can still provide for their children's educational needs through proper planning. More couples need to heed this advice, however, as recent statistics show that two out of every three divorcing couples don't have a financial plan in place in the event of divorce.

Can I keep the house after divorce?

When you took those vows, you took them seriously, they meant something to you. Divorce is definitely not something that you wanted to do. People divorce every day. You have joined the ranks of many people in the United States. 40% to 50% as a matter of fact, of people who are getting divorced. You may be wondering, what happens now, can I keep the house after the divorce?

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