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April 2018 Archives

Why equal marriages could be more stable

When a couple in Texas begins a marriage following "traditional" gender duties of child care and housework, they might be more likely to get a divorce if the woman starts to spend more time on her career and make more money than the husband. This is less likely to happen if the couple has a marriage that is more equal from the start, according to a recent Swedish study.

Business owners and divorce

If a couple in Texas is getting a divorce and one of them owns a business, there may be several complicated issues to consider in the process of property division. The business will first need to be valued, and there are several different ways of doing this. The value might be based on the income, the market or the asset. This process may involve not just looking over records but touring the facilities and interviewing management. If one person brought the business into the marriage, the valuation might need to be based on the appreciation of the business since the marriage.

Divorcing after 50 may present difficult financial issues

Divorces among people who are older are on the rise. When older Texans choose to end their marriages, they may encounter some unexpected financial problems. These problems may be especially difficult to handle when there has been a power difference between the men and the women in terms of the financial decisions made during the marriages.

Yours, mine and ours: Navigating community property laws in Texas

Right up there with child custody, property division is a hotly debated topic during divorce proceedings. Both spouses worked to amass wealth during the marriage, whether by working or supporting the other spouse’s career by maintaining the household. When it comes time to divide the assets garnered together, correct property classification is key.

Divorce can be a challenging time for parents

Parents going through a divorce in Texas may often be most concerned about how the end of their marriage will affect their children. While the romantic relationship between the adults has come to an end, in many cases, both parents want to protect their kids from pain and confusion during the divorce process. While some amount of disarray and disorientation may be unavoidable, divorcing parents can work to protect their children from unnecessary pain as their marriage comes to an end.

Preparing finances for post-divorce life

Preparing for life after divorce can be a difficult and emotional task for many people in Texas who are reaching the end of their marriages. While the practical and personal consequences can be significant, some of the most difficult issues in almost any divorce center around the separation of finances. However, there are some actions that people can take to protect their assets and work towards a hopeful financial future after the divorce is final.

OCSE provides new regulation and guidance on child support issues

According to the U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement, approximately $33 billion was obtained for child support in the 2016 fiscal year. Of the money collected, 75 percent was procured through some form of income withholding. Despite that large number, the OCSE is offering recommendations to the payroll community that could affect the paychecks of Texas residents currently paying child support.

Federal government aims to improve child support collection

Child support enforcement efforts can be critically important for families in New Jersey trying to get by while a delinquent parent fails to pay their court-mandated child support. Because child support funds are so important to the health and well-being of children, enforcing child support orders is a significant public priority at both the state and federal levels. A number of support orders have been successfully enforced through the use of payroll withholding, when the child support payments due are directly deducted from the parent's paycheck at the workplace.

Understanding easements

A utility company needs part of your land, and part of your neighbors’ land, too, to build overhead power lines. Meanwhile, a different neighbor wants to cross through your land so he can access a nearby public beach. What is the solution? In both cases, it’s an easement.

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